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feline adj : of or relating to cats; "feline fur" n : any of various lithe-bodied round-headed fissiped mammals many with retractile claws [syn: felid]

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From Latin felinus, from felis, cat


  • /ˈfiːlaɪn/, /"fi:laIn/


  1. Of, or pertaining to, the cat.

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Substantive use of the adjective feline, from Latin felinus


  1. A cat; member of the cat family Felidae.


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Felinae is a subfamily of the family Felidae which includes the genera and species listed below. Most are small to medium-sized cats, although the group does include some larger animals, such as the Cougar and Cheetah. The earliest records of the Felinae are ascribed Felis attica from the late Miocene (9 Ma) of western Eurasia.


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